Lincoln Park

$250 · 1 bedroom

8 blks from SU - a cozy, attractive and inexpensive furnished room near SU in a spacious apt-share: Ethernet cable & Wi-fi; Takanoma Serenity Desk; Very large dresser; 2-way floor lamp with focus light; Ambiance wall lighting; 3' wide wall mirror; Excellent cross-ventialtion; Two-drawer nightstand; Cozy & toasty in the Winter.

Rent Stays at $250 - Even If Roommates Move Out: With virtually all apartment shares -- Esp in the Syracuse University area -- if each roommate pays $300 per-month rent in a three-way split and two of these roommates move out, then the remaining roommate's rent obligation goes up to $900 per-month, and it is HIS responsibility to find two other new roommates if he wants his monthly rent obligation to return to $300 per-month.

Someone who could afford $400 per month likely will be unable to afford $700, $900 or $1,200 per month. And it can be very difficult to fill a roommate vacancy in the middle of the school term.

NOT THE CASE HERE: With this apt-share, the roommate's rent remains 'fixed' at $250 per-month -- regardless of whether another roommate leaves. Roommates' rental obligation is safely locked-in at a fixed amount and the roommate does NOT become embroiled in a frantic effort to swiftly find replacement roommates, so his rent can return to the original lower amount. This Is An Important Advantage that THIS apt-share has over virtually all other apt-share rentals. Something to keep in mind as you shop for an apt-share! And the utilities share always stays at one-third -- regardless of how many co-tenants there are at any given time. No other apt-share has this policy.